​By Hakone Garden


By Family in San Jose


By Family in Campbell




おかげさまで息子の1歳の誕生日パーティーが、とても思い出に残るものになりました! By Family in Los Altos



今後ともどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。By Saniku Gakuin



ありがとうございました。By Family in Cupertino


やっぱり今年ものぶ子さんに頼めてよかった~。手の込んだおいしいお料理の数々(自分では作れないしお店でも買えない)でお正月気分を満喫しました。By Family in Los Gatos



主人も娘も大喜びで、「来年も注文しよう!」と言いました( ◠‿◠ )今まで本格的なおせち料理って食べたことないので

伊達巻きの味が驚くほど美味しかったです。By Family in Palo Alto


実はおせちはあまり好きではないのですが、のぶ子さんのおせちは本当に美味しくって来年は楽しみになってきました。By Family in Palo Alto


By Family Saratoga



By Parents Santa Clara



感動するほどおいしかったらしく 今月また注文できるのを飛び跳ねて喜んでおりました。登校する時「今日のランチはマメキッチンさんだよ」と念のため声をかけるのですが毎回「やったー!」と大喜び。

By  Parents from Springbridge Intl


by M. Nishiyamato School, San Jose

のぶ子さん、とっても美味しいお節をありがとうございました。これからも是非頑張って 皆を笑顔にして下さい!応援しています。By KK from Parents at Nishiyamato San Jose



By KM from Farmers Market Customer in San Pedro Square

Excellent Lunch, Nobuko !We all thoroughly enjoyed our meal.Thanks so very much. I will be in touch again in early next month. Panasonic, Mountain View

Excellent quality of food, my entire team at work loves their Bento Box. Definitely continue ordering from them, and highly recommend to my friends. Also thank you for accommodating our specific needs.

KLA Corporation, San Jose 

Memorable Event - Thank you so much for preparing a nice obento for our 50th Anniversary.  It was so nice working with you and making this a special event for our church.  We had a really memorable event and everyone was very happy with Mame's meals.  Thank you again for your service and kindness to us.

Santa Clara Christian Church, Campbell


Beyond Excellence - Chef Nobuko from Mame Kitchen produced an amazing catering event for our party of 40 guests in our home. Chef Nobuko worked with our specific food requirements and she went out of her way to find the right ingredients and pairing of food for the night. The catering event was professionally staged with 3 professional staff and kitchen help. The event was precisely coordinated and timed from the guest welcome drinks to appetizers and then dinner and dessert. The event included a kids menu as well. My guest were so impressed with the food. Everything was made from scratch and with attention to details and presentation. We had a tremendously successful event and all guests were very appreciative of the effort made. Without hesitation, I will use Chef Nobuko and her company for our next home and corporate event. 

J M  Apple Inc. Cupertino  

"Nobuko, Our 7year old at Springbridge said your school lunches are the best lunches he has ever eaten! " 

By Parents from Springbridge Intl School 

"Nobuko, The food was by far one of everyone's favorite meals! We would love to set you up for office lunches once a month moving forward. " By Applovin Palo Alto


"Mame Kitchen has great attention to details and her quality of ingredients prove it.  My team loved her delicious wraps and highly recommend her to come back for their lunch gatherings again.  Nobuko is now one of my top caterers for my group."  by M.  Harmonics Inc, San Jose


"Nobuko, your cooking is very yummy and inventive" By J. Rogers Electronic Arts


"Mame's genuine love for cooking and motherly tendency to nurture those she feeds, are reflected in the taste of her homestyle, healthy cooking. " 

by Win H. MD San Francisco 

"I have been lucky enough to experience Mame's homestyle cooking for several years.  I always look forward to new creations, knowing that not only will they taste and look delicious, but that the very best ingredients have been used.  I think Mame treats cooking as a true art.  Right down to hand picking the vegetables at the produce market!
I encourage anyone who loves fresh ingredients and home style cooking to experience Mame Kitchen's creations. "
 W Canales - Burlingame


About Founder

The Chef, Nobuko Sezaki specializes in creating authentic wholesome meals throughout traditional and inventive preparation processes, enhancing the flavors of local fresh organic/natural ingredients. She has started a small catering business 14 years ago serving exclusively cooperate employees. Mame Kitchen now caters cooperate / school lunches and private intimate catering events including weddings and birthday parties.  


She grew up in a large family in Japan. As a child, she learned cooking from the family kitchen where a majority of the most wonderful moments had been shared.  

Cooking had been the entire family's affair,  Exchanges of food among relatives and friends were frequent. Freshly caught seafood was brought from relatives and rice was delivered from the family's friends' rice field.


She has worked for several restaurants throughout the Bay Area while attending International Culinary School (French Culinary School) in Campbell. After graduating from the Culinary school in 2011, Nobuko is committed to serving only wholesome meals for busy families and employees.

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